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println!("Shooting Your Foot in Rust")

I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting this post done in a decent timeframe as I have 4 papers on the go this semester, one of which I was enrolled for 2.5 weeks late and had to scramble to catch up on - there were some other things I wanted to discuss here but time constraints are pushing those to the next post. Never-the-less, onwards.

println!("GSoC Update")

This is a small update while I hammer out a much larger blog post (which has proven to be a little harder than normal to write).

println!("Rust, C, and Binding")

Much of the initial work on rustifying GJS has been investigation, reading, planning. All in order to get the bindings to various libraries organised. I can’t do much without bindings so this is pretty much critical. The way Rust is able to use/link to C/C++ libraries is via FFI.

println!("Goals and Update")

I’m overdue for an update; first semester of my final year of study is finished, and exams are over. Final marks aren’t due for a while longer though. So, now i’m able to dedicate a fairly large chunk of time to my GSoC project - investigate the benefits of using Rust in GSJ.

println!("Autotools and Rust")

One of the first tasks for my project (GSoC, Rustify GJS) was simply to get Rust building alongside the C++ code using autotools. To do so I had to learn some of the autotools suite, and how to write the configuration and makefile input.

println!("Google Summer of Code 2017")

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for me. I’m in my final year of study (Bachelor of Software Engineering), I have a few personal projects, I also need to start looking for work or creating a job for myself.

println!("Contributing to OSS")

This is going to be a series of posts that highlight my experience with contributing to OSS in general, but focusing on Polari in particular.

println!("Moving Linux to a new partition")

Occasionally I have a need (or just feel a need) to move my Linux installation around it’s little universe - it could be for any number of reasons;

println!("A Git Workflow")

One of the things that many tutorials and guides never teach you about git is how to use it for your day-to-day work. Over time you learn what works and what doesn’t, but it isn’t always obvious and certainly isn’t obvious how you should use it from the start.

println!("Rebase with git")

Sometimes when contributing to an upstream source, you need to re-base your own repository to be sure there won’t be any conflicts. This is just a very quick and dirty way to do it. I will rewrite this post to be more detailed soon.